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Growdega’s Mission

Many of High Point’s neighborhoods are considered food deserts, or areas where one would have to travel over a mile to receive fresh, healthy foods. This distance may be extremely cumbersome to those who have to take public transportation or walk these distances to provide for their families. Because of the difficulties, many families rely on unhealthy, processed foods from general and corner stores.

We believe there is a better way. We introduced the Growdega, Growing High Point’s mobile grocery store, to fight the nutritional problems related to food deserts. We take our store, stock it with fresh fruits and vegetables, and provide access that many areas are lacking. We aim to provide the freedom of choice while still supporting those who may rely on SNAP or EBTs by being able to double your money when you use these resources. Together, we hope that nutrition and access to food increases.

Would you like to have the Growdega come to your community? Fill out this form to put in a request:

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