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African refugees will operate Thissell Grow Garden

Valentine Nahisharsiye and Chantal Bucuuri came to the United States as refugees to escape war about 10 years ago from the African country of Burundi, which shares its northern border with Rwanda and its western border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With them they brought their passion for farming, but neither of them have access to land in High Point that would allow them to plant a garden and grow the produce they want: white eggplant, linga linga, corn, potatoes, beans, peas and carrots.

Growing High Point provided access to land through the Hayden-Harman Foundation at the Thissell Grow Garden (505 Thissell St.). The garden has water, fencing and other gardening implements that will benefit Valentine and Chantal. They will receive support throughout the growing season from Community Liaison Andre Davis, who farms across the street on Furlough Avenue, and Amanda Mitchell, Farm to Table Coordinator, who ensured they were able to select seeds donated by the Greater High Point Food Alliance. If they choose to sell or donate any of their produce, Growing High Point’s Food Hub provides access to Growdega, our mobile market, or to the Farm to Senior Produce Program, which provides free produce to 20 seniors 51 weeks of the year.

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