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WGHP Features Southside Garden

WGHP Fox 8 featured the Southside Community Garden in Wednesday's 5 p.m. broadcast. The Southside Community Garden in High Point is expanding after two decades of providing locally grown produce. The dedicated leaders of the garden express a clear goal of serving more people. Bobby Coleman, the assistant manager, emphasizes the importance of community involvement in the process of growing, picking, and cooking one's own food.

The Southside Community Garden secured a grant from the NC Community Garden Partners, providing crucial support for their expansion plans. The land for the new garden is leased through the Hayden-Harman Foundation, known for leasing vacant lots in High Point with the goal of transforming them into sustainable urban farms.

With soil tested and prepared, the Southside Community Garden is set to till the land next week, aiming to sow seeds for crops like collard greens and mustard greens by March. The Foundation for a Healthy High Point provided the funds for the tractor that Growing High Point will use to till the soil.

Johnny Horne, the garden manager, envisions not only increasing food production but also actively engaging the community in the art of gardening, with the ultimate hope of making affordable, fresh produce more accessible across High Point.

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