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Youth Employment Program


Youth Employment & Enrichment

Youth Engagement and Employment Program Job Description


Growing High Point’s Youth Enrichment and Employment Program (YEE) is designed to offer youth ages 14-20 an employment opportunity to learn about the fields of urban agriculture and food entrepreneurship while also developing skills that will help them in their future careers. During this six-month program (April-October), YEE employees will spend at least 5 hours a week being mentored by GHP staff as they discover the importance of a robust local food system, nutrition as it relates to improving their health, and making an impact on their community. The YEE Program also incorporates enrichment activities such as field trips to community gardens and events. YEE employees work on our farms, in the food hub and on Growdega, our mobile market, as well as doing other various tasks. 


YEE employees can perform one or both of the following jobs:


Farm Assistant - YEE employees will learn about the benefits of organic farming while performing physical farm tasks, including but not limited to spreading mulch, pulling weeds, and harvesting produce and eggs within GHP’s urban farm network and Southside Community Orchard. 


Growdega Sales Assistant - YEE employees will have the opportunity to practice people skills as they interact with the public on Growdega at the High Point Farmers Market and other locations in High Point. Duties include set-up, merchandising, marketing, and selling food products and produce. 

Summer 2024 Cohort is Full. Check back with us next year! 

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